About us

SGL is one of the leading, innovative and progressive leisure, lifestyle and community consulting firms in Australia and New Zealand.

SGL has been consulting since 1988 and we have successfully completed projects in Australia, New Zealand, the Asia/Pacific region and the USA.

SGL is recognised internationally for the quality of our work.  We have been commissioned to work on major facilities for events such as the Commonwealth Games (New Delhi, Melbourne and Gold Coast), Olympic Games (Beijing) and Asia Games (Qatar).

SGL has experienced and highly skilled consultants based throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have the capacity and flexibility to service all communities in all State of Australia and both islands in New Zealand.

SGL offers specialist services in:

What makes SGL different?

SGL is a long established sport and leisure planning company that has developed a broad range of expertise and specialist services in the sport, recreation, leisure and tourism industries. SGL is committed to providing the highest quality services and advice on all aspects of the sports, recreation and leisure industry. SGL has undergone an evolution from offering Simply Great Leisureto Simply Great Lifestyle”.

The key reasons why you should choose SGL are simply:

Key Attributes


Quality of Service

We have a quality service tradition built on practical, client driven, results orientated solutions.

Leading Edge Expertise

We are committed to continually investing in research and benchmarking to update our knowledge of sport and leisure industry trends.

Innovative Solutions

We have a proven history of producing innovative solutions and adding value to projects.

Project Experience

We have completed in excess of 1,000 projects providing vast experience to draw upon.  SGL has completed assignments in all Australian States, in metropolitan, regional and rural locations.

Team Approach

We work closely and effectively with you and your team to get the best result, on time and on budget.


Our commitment to meeting client needs enables us to win work through large numbers of satisfied clients and large numbers of referrals that create practical and solid references.

Established Business

SGL now has 28 years business establishment and brings to every project significant project experience and established business practices that work.

International Experience

SGL is Australia’s leading international leisure and lifestyle consulting firm.  In addition to working in New Zealand, our team has successfully undertaken assignments in China, India, Malaysia, PNG and the USA.

Industry Relationships

We have built ongoing strategic relationships with Australasia’s best design, engineering and market research companies.

Selective Bidding

We are selective, only bidding for projects that match our expertise and experience, and to which we can add real value.