Projects are often contrasted with operations, which describe the normal day-to-day activities of an organisation or facility, whereas the word project is often used to describe something outside normal day-to-day work. Projects vary so much that they are difficult to define concisely, but the general view is that projects are concerned with bringing about change in an organised manner. The Project Journey is the process, consisting of a set of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective conforming to specific requirements, including constraints of time, cost and resources.

SGL has years of experience providing specialist support to clients from project development through to project implementation. In particular SGL are specialists in leading the development of community facilities from the needs assessment to eventual facility opening as required. Let us help you get started on your project journey and deliver your project objectives.

Relevant Services

  • Project Development
  • Project Reset
  • Full Project Service
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Project Development

Project development involves planning, organising and scheduling all the variables that go into a project. It includes the processes needed to complete a project, such as robust and dynamic plans and systems and iterative and continuous improvement processes to ensure project success. SGL works with clients through five steps in project development including initiation, planning, execution, controlling and closing.

One of the reasons for SGL’s success in developing community facility solutions is SGL’s early and full consideration of all key strategic issues, whether significant leisure trends; social, technological, educational, or economic development implications; inter-relationships with other leisure venues and facilities; and utilisation, business performance, funding and structural (ownership/governance/management) constraints and opportunities.

Project Reset

Developing the project journey is often an elongated process, and can involve highs and lows, successes and failures along the way. The complexity of project management can mean sometimes project can hit a snag, or take a wrong turn. This is where SGL are often at our best. We can come into a project that is at the cross roads and help reset its journey so that its back on track and can realise the goals and objectives it was initially targeting. Project resetting can be an external review and recommendations, through to undertaking internal control and management of the process through to completion. SGL will work through a review of the project development process to identify what and how things have gone awry, and provide solutions to clients on how to refocus the project to once again lead to success.

Project Reset

Full Project Service

SGL can help you through various stages of the project journey. However we are not just bit players that only work on certain elements of the project journey. Our team are experienced at providing full project services across the project lifecycle of strategy, definition, delivery and transition to operation or divestment. We bring a structured approach that harnesses our years of experience, skill, and expertise. At SGL our key objective is to make it easy for you – we’ll lead you through the project management process so that you can explore ideas and make informed decisions. We have a track record of success working with clients from start to finish and bringing a project concept to realisation and implementation. This is what we find most rewarding.

Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Communication and stakeholder engagement is an open two way dialogue with stakeholders to listen, motivate, educate and reach the best possible outcomes for our clients. An effective communication engagement strategy can influence decisions on investment, provide the social licence to operate, and reduce risks during complex negotiations. SGL believes effective communication and engagement is crucial in the successful design, development and delivery of projects. SGL has extensive experience developing, designing, implementing and analysing the results of stakeholder engagement strategies for projects to determine the needs of particular community groups or other key stakeholders to be incorporated into the project and ensure the best chance of success for a given project.

Our process

Case studies

Caroline Bay Aquatic Centre – Timaru District Council (2007 – 2009)
SGL led the development of this project from inception in 2007 to the letting of the construction contract in 2009. This project was a complete redevelopment of an aged community outdoor pool complex, that when completed included a large indoor pool hall (including; 10 lane 25m lap pool, learn to swim pool, toddler pool, splash deck/leisure pool, [...]
Murihiku Marae Redevelopment – Waihopai Runaka (2020 to Current)
Based at Murihiku Marae, Waihōpai rūnaka’s purpose is to provide a multi-functional cultural centre and to be a key service provider for their community. This project involved the demolition of all existing buildings on site with the exception of the wharenui, and a complete rebuild of a modern fit-for-purpose marae building together with some papakainga […]
Auckland Harbour Bridge Lighting (2015 to 2017)
The development of “Project Lumens”, the lighting of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, was led by SGL’s Steve Bramley from the outset to the start of the build contract (i.e., from November 2015 to September 2017). The overall process involved a ‘co-design, co-investment, co-delivery’ corporate investment approach. The final funding outcome was a $12 million project […]

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