Understanding the arts, creative and cultural industries require specialist technical skills, and SGL has been delivering projects for our clients in this sector for many years. SGL has extensive understanding and appreciation of the role arts and cultural services and facilities play in a community. SGL can assist organisations understand the current and future arts and cultural needs of a community and the services, programs and facilities required to support and encourage participation in these services.

SGL has specialist arts, creative and cultural expertise that can help you along the project and event process to achieve your objectives.

Relevant Services

  • Strategic Project Review, Facility Development and Funding
  • Joint Venture and Partnering
  • Event Development and Leadership
  • Organisational Leadership Development

Strategic Project Review and Funding Feasibility

Strategic project reviews are an important tool in the arts and cultural sector that provides reviews of planned and in-progress design works, to inform clients on key project outcomes influenced by the design. As part of this process SGL work with our clients to consider several factors including; risk management, compliance, sustainability, client aspirations, value for money and what’s required to achieve successful operation.  As part of this strategic project review process, SGL also has specialist expertise in conducting funding feasibility to develop and pre-set the platform for a successful capital fundraising campaign, plus to help ensure capital funding requirements are achievable – in short to achieve a solution which meets the community’s required needs, are affordable and sustainable.

Joint Venture and Partnering

A strategic joint venture is a commercial agreement between two organisations to work together, with a collective aim of achieving specific objectives. Through an arrangement of this kind, organisations can bring complementary strengths, while compensating for weaknesses of a single entity. Strategic joint ventures may be seen as strategic alliances, though the latter may or may not entail a binding legal agreement. Many projects and events in the arts and culture sector thrive through collaboration, joint venturing and partnership arrangements. Bringing a range of divergent stakeholders together to realise community benefit is often achieved through aligning the objectives of arts and culture interest groups, local governments, and other community groups. SGL have extensive experience helping organisations identify, negotiate and then implement a collaborative framework (whether management, legal and/or financial) with potential joint venture or other partners that leads to success.

Event Development and Leadership

Event organisers must be clear on the event purpose, whether seeking to achieve community, area brand promotion and/or economic outcomes. Furthermore, one needs to ensure effective event planning – in the short term to ensure a safe, quality and sustainable event; and in the longer term to consider the phased development and how one can optimise community and economic outcomes and also optimise revenue strategies from entry, trade, food and beverage and funding partners (both public and private).

SGL has considerable event experience from previous Directorship of the Ellerslie Flower Show when in Auckland, to the development and implementation of community festivals, commercial trade shows and national sports tournaments.

In summary, SGL has substantive experience and skills to support your event strategic review process, assist with the development of commercial partners as appropriate, and support the business planning for your event.

Organisational Leadership Development

Leadership skills are learnt and developed, and are fundamentally different from the role of management. Executive teams need to have a combination of effective management and leadership skills in order to thrive in the complex environments of the 21st Century. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated the critical importance of effective leadership to make timely and effective decisions that address the social, financial and regulatory requirements. We provide targeted leadership mentoring and workplace development programs to help build your leadership capabilities, that work within your organizational context.

Our process

Case studies

Marsden Cross Trust Bicentennial – Rangihoua Heritage Park (2014)
SGL was appointed as the Project Lead and working with cultural tourism expert Ken Gorbey and visitor experience designer Locales, oversaw the development of the on-site and web-based experience, which included the construction of roading, tracks, interpretive stations, an Interpretative Centre and amenities, with design choices suitable for an isolated location; together with website and […]
Waitangi Museum – Strategic Redevelopment and Funding Advisory – Waitangi National Trust Board (2012 -2014)
Together with Museum specialist Ken Gorbey and Story Inc, SGL undertook a strategic review of the future development requirements of the Waitangi site. Recommendations included the organisation’s rebranding; website redevelopment with a strong New Zealand identity and education focus; master planning including bi-lingual interpretation throughout the site; and development of a new indoor Museum. In […]
Partnership Development for Turanga – Central Library for Christchurch City Council, as part of a holistic philanthropic funding approach for Christchurch City (2015-2016)
Post Christchurch’s earthquake in 2011, SGL was asked by the central government redevelopment agency (CERA) and then by Christchurch City Council, to recommend the most appropriate philanthropic strategy to help support the City’s development. As a pre-cursor to the Foundation’s establishment, SGL with subcontractor John Leuthart also developed a corporate or ‘Partner framework’ for the […]

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