If a tourism destination or event is marketed successfully with strong investment and a focused marketing strategy but fails to deliver a quality experience when visitors arrive, the potential of the tourism or event activation will never be realised! SGL can break the tourism and events economy down to a process requiring effective management of all elements to ensure a robust and sustainable visitor economy. SGL will take a holistic view of the industry by understanding how to ensure efficiencies and the best outcomes can be realised from key stakeholders including local government, tourism operators, other local businesses, community groups, and community members. Only by this holistic approach by all stakeholders who contribute to or benefit from the tourism and events focused economy can a destination successfully represent its brand and deliver a compelling experience.

SGL has been helping tourism and events activation projects succeed for years and have experience across a range of event strategies and activations to ensure your event potential is optimised.

Relevant Services

  • Business Feasibility e.g., Caravan Park, Golf Studies, Trails Strategy
  • Event Review or Feasibility
  • Regional Event Strategy

Business Feasibility

Determining the feasibility of a particular operation is important when determining whether a public of private organisation should invest in a particular business. Business feasibility is the process for identifying problems and opportunities, determining objectives, describing situations, defining successful outcomes and assessing the range of benefits and costs associated with investment in a business or activation whether it be new trails infrastructure, a caravan park, or a golf course. SGL help clients through the business feasibility process to support decision making based on a benefit cost analysis of the project’s viability. SGL have significant expertise in comprehensive strategic analysis processes and using various industry financial models to provide clients with the best project feasibility information relevant to their particular project. SGL will include recommendations and limitations to assist the decision makers to determine if the investment is both justified and viable.

Event Review or Feasibility

A successful events activation is the result of thorough planning. Without adequate planning, the destination or event activation will fail to meet the current and future needs of the community, fail to meet financial goals, or fail to be managed effectively. Sometimes events can start off well but after a few years lose focus and no longer meet the needs of the community. SGL have the skills to work with Councils, event organisers and promoters to critically review an event’s strategies, operation and its ongoing feasibility to enable the client to make an informed decision about how to develop and deliver future events. Our process of review and feasibility considers a range of alternatives within the scope of an identified need in order to establish the most effective investment of funds. SGL analyse the social and financial impacts of the event and identify the risks involved by exploring the market, patronage and management issues, infrastructure needs and location options, and the financial viability.

Event Review or Feasibility

Regional Event Strategy

A regional events strategy can articulate a clear vision and supporting objectives and recommend strategies and priority action areas to better develop and manage a region’s portfolio of events and drive increased visitation and yield from visitors. Most importantly, it includes clear activation plans to ensure the strategy can be effectively implemented. Regional event strategies provides a strategic focus for local governments to support events, to grow existing destination and signature events, and to attract new events to their region. SGL can support your region’s event growth to develop synergies between events and tourism and the wider regional business activity to build a positive destination profile and to create a higher return on investment for the community and industry in your region. SGL can work with your agency to develop a strategy and framework that better aligns, manages, partners, sponsors, promotes and approves events within your region to meet consumer demand for authentic experiences.

Our process

Case studies

Southend Caravan Park Strategic Review – Wattle Range Council (2018)
The Southend Caravan Park was located on the edge of the coastal village of Southend in the Wattle Range Council area. The site of the caravan park was being severely impacted by coastal erosion, and the current leaseholder of the caravan park was completing the term of their lease. Council required strategic options for the […]
South Australia Recreational Trails Strategy Plan (2019)
Commissioned by the Office for Recreation and Sport, the objective was to prepare a Recreation Trails Strategic Plan, including a management structure; ongoing future community engagement and interaction; and how to achieve inter government collaboration, the ongoing effective exchange of information between stakeholders, and realistic objectives and strategies. This project was conducted over a six-month […]
Lantern Festival Strategic Development – Auckland Tourism, Event and Economic Development (2016)
SGL led a future strategic review of the Auckland Lantern Festival, a 4-day event then attracting about 200,000 visitors and involving over 1,000 performers, 800 lanterns and about a $1.3M budget. The purpose of the review was to consider how to increase the cultural, community, and economic benefit from the event on a sustainable basis. […]
Tourism Development Strategy – Devonport City Council (2019)
Prepared by SGL for Devonport City Council, this Strategy was intended to guide future development and management of tourism in Devonport. It was a market driven, destination development initiative to increase community and economic outcomes by effectively harnessing industry effort, and by identifying and leveraging Devonport’s unique selling points and greatest competitive advantages. It recommended […]
Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre, Victoria (2015)
Commissioned by Wyndham City Council, this project required SGL to review the Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre, which included a 1000-seat auditorium. The Study reviewed existing management arrangements and identified potential business opportunities, with one of the recommendations being the separate management of the events and leisure components. The recommendations were subsequently adopted and the […]

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