Tourism Development Strategy – Devonport City Council (2019)

Prepared by SGL for Devonport City Council, this Strategy was intended to guide future development and management of tourism in Devonport. It was a market driven, destination development initiative to increase community and economic outcomes by effectively harnessing industry effort, and by identifying and leveraging Devonport’s unique selling points and greatest competitive advantages. It recommended a focus on the Mersey River, port and seaside location of Devonport, Capitalising on the opportunities provided by being an interstate visitor access point to Tasmania. Recommended strategies included:

  • Improving Devonport’s position and reputation as a regional service center, linking to the region’s villages and towns, built, natural, cultural, and fresh produce attractions
  • Branding and positioning in a way that would satisfy a specific market need or desire and that was seen as valuable to the consumer, and
  • Improved leadership, management, and co-ordination of the tourism industry.