Sports Field Needs and Options Assessment – Hamilton City Council (2020)

Too often Councils can have sports field demand assessments without a corresponding assessment of supply strategy and cost implications.

SGL’s Field Needs and Options Assessment reviewed previous demand work and then with the HCC staff team reviewed supply option. Specifically, this report:

  • Reviewed previous reports’ field recommendations relative to demand and supply requirements, and compared to the recent past and proposed field improvements by HCC staff
  • Considered and discussed benchmarking for the capital, operating and whole-of-life costs of different field types, including, soil, sand carpet, hybrid, and artificial turfs, and what this then suggested for Hamilton
  • Discussed policy, pricing, and management practice
  • Analysed relevant draft implementation programmes and corresponding financials for the 2021 10-Year Plan
  • Considered specific land options for purchase
  • In summary, then provided guidance on prioritised field supply and management directions.