Coughlin Park Community Centre Development Plan

Horsham is a city, centrally located in the Wimmera and next to the Grampians National Park and the famous Mount Arapiles. It is 300 kilometres north-west of Melbourne and 450 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. With a population of over 20,000 people, the municipality is the retail, business and service centre of the Wimmera.

Horsham Rural City Council (HRCC) is committed to providing and supporting the development of recreational and sporting facilities. With this in view Council assisted the Committee of Management to develop a new facility Development Strategy for Coughlin Park.

Services: Community, Evaluation, Facilities, Funding, Planning, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Nathan Gray
Location: Horsham, Australia

Guidelines for Sustainable Management of Community Recreation Facilities

In 2009 the Local Government Recreation Forum developed an ‘Issues and Directions Paper for Local and Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities’ titled ‘A Time For Fundamental Change’. The Issues and Directions paper highlighted a range of issues facing Local Government.

As a direct result of the Issues and Directions paper, the Local Government Recreation & Sport Facilities Sustainability Group was convened to strengthen the financial sustainability of local government owned local and regional level sport and recreation facilities. The Group commissioned SGL to investigate specific opportunities, methods, guidelines that will assist Local Government to sustainably manage local and regional recreation and sport facilities.

Services: Community, Evaluation, Facilities, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Nathan Gray
Location: Sturt, Australia

Aratat Rural City Recreation and Aquatic Centre Activity Study

The Ararat Rural City Council commissioned SGL Group to conduct a study of the current usage of the Ararat Rural City Recreation and Aquatic Centre as well as to identify any barriers to participation across the different programs and services within the Centre and to look at the potential opportunities to redevelop the Centre in order to increase participation and improve the services provided.

Services: Community, Facilities, Planning, Sport
Location: Ararat, Australia

Keppel Sands Caravan Park Master Plan

Keppel Sands is a quiet beach settlement located 40kms south of Yeppoon, 8kms southwest of Emu Park and 30kms East of Rockhampton in the state of Queensland. It is surrounded by Cawarral Creek to the north; extensive tidal flats top the east and the long, swampy beach ridges of Cattle Point to the south, while mangrove-filled tidal creeks make up much of the backing land. It is essentially a land island by the sea.

Keppel Sands is a popular spot with locals particularly for fishing and with a very recent change in name to the Caravan Park it is anticipated that more tourists may identify the Caravan Park with the area and perhaps travel out to this quaint older style settlement.

Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC) engaged SGL Consulting Group to develop a master plan that will guide the planning and development of the Keppel Sands Caravan Park into a facility that is financially self-sustaining, is accessible to the greater community and visitors, and attracts and encourages more visitors to the region.

Services: Tourism, Facilities, Community, Evaluation, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray, David Green
Location: Keppel Sands, Australia

South Pine Sports Complex Indoor Sports Centre Feasibility Study

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) commissioned a feasibility study and detailed concept designs for the proposed expansion of the South Pine Indoor Sports Centre (SPISC) at the South Pine Sports Complex (SPSC).

The project’s objective was to establish the need for additional activity and ancillary spaces at SPSC, prepare a detailed concept design incorporating existing and proposed new facilities, and undertake a detailed financial and management analysis to determine the feasibility of the project.

Services: Community, Evaluation, Facilities, Planning, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray, David Green
Location: Brendale, Australia