University of Adelaide Sports Facility Feasibility Study

The University of Adelaide was seeking to develop a range of sporting facilities on its North Terrace campus, for use by its students, staff, campus partners and broader community. Students had expressed a desire to have a swimming pool, along with gym facilities and sports courts on campus. This offering would complement the current sports fields located in the Parklands to the north of the campus.

With continued emphasis being placed on student on-campus experience, the provision of such facilities were becoming more important to the University’s value proposition to attracting students both domestically and internationally. Notwithstanding the importance of student experience, the University was also seeking to ensure that such facilities operate at cost neutral for the organisation.


The first phase of the study was Exploration and Market Analysis to recommend:

  • Optimal configuration of sports facilities (type/number of courts, etc)
  • Scale and/ or location of facilities 
  • Area/size of facilities to ensure commercial viability
  • Market analysis of current and future demand and supply in and around the CBD

Services: Facilities, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Broome Recreation Aquatic Centre Business Review

The Shire of Broome commissioned SGL to conduct a business review of its Recreation Aquatic Centre.  The review included an assessment of its existing programs and bookings, a financial analysis and a review of its operational policies and practices.

The Business Review identified a range of practices which could be made more efficient and effective, resulting in significant cost savings. Potential cost savings in excess of $100,000 were identified.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Colin Brown
Location: Broome, Australia

Five Dock Leisure Centre Business Analysis

The study reviewed existing services offered by Five Dock Leisure Centre (FDLC) and the capacity for growth of existing and new programs into the future. It analysed projected population growth and the opportunities this growth would create and how FDLC could cater for these demands with expanded facilities.


The study conducted a high level assessment of potential scenarios including:

  • FDLC remaining at the existing location, complemented with a PCYC facility being developed at Concord Oval and Rhodes Recreation Centre being developed in the short to medium term
  • FDLC relocating to Concord Oval and Rhodes Recreation Centre being developed in the short to medium term

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Nathan Gray, David Green
Location: Drummoyne, Australia

East Fremantle Recreation and Community Facilities Plan

Prepared for the Town of East Fremantle, it established a strategic plan to guide future investment and management of recreation and community assets. It identified existing facilities, their use and functionality and recommended strategies to meet projected future population and demographic changes in the Town.

Services: Community, Facilities, Planning, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: East Fremantle, Australia

Hamilton Leisure Facilities Management Contract

SGL were initially contracted to assist Council prepare tender documents to market test contract management of two indoor aquatic centres and an indoor sports centre.

On our advice Council extended the project to prepare an “enhanced” inhouse business model. The intent being to demonstrate how the in-house management could be more cost effective and reduce operating costs substantially.

Council resolved to retain management in-house using the recommendations from the enhanced business model.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Steve Bramley
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand