Gympie Regional Council Community Development Strategy

The Strategy was to provide a clear outline for future Community Development for Council.

The strategy was to:

  • Set the strategic direction for community development
  • Identify key themes and areas
  • Involved consultation with key community stakeholders
  • Identified emerging trends and issues linked to Community Development for Council
  • Outline initiatives and activities for the region
  • Align Community Development activities with Council’s strategic direction and existing policies and procedures.


The purpose of the Community Development Strategy was to assist in ensuring the Gympie Region:

  • Is a community that is accountable, consistent, appreciative, communicative and respectful
  • Is an inclusive, involved and engaged community
  • Empowers individuals and groups
  • Has increased social cohesion and positive relationships

Has responsive service delivery and policy based on community identified needs and solutions.

Services: Community
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Gympie, Australia

Te Puru Community Centre

This project, undertaken for the Te Puru Community Centre Trust (NZ), reviewed the role of the Centre within the context of Te Puru Park. The outcome was a strategic master plan for the development of the Centre and the surrounding Park.  A major element was improving the physical relationship between the two elements and the human relationship with the Franklin Local Board.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Taradale Future Aquatic Feasibly Study

Napier City Council commissioned a feasibility study of options to address Taradale area aquatic facility provision into the future.

  • To analyse the current issues facing pool provision in the Taradale area

  • To assess a range of options to address the issues facing the Taradale community’s pool provision

  • To identify how Napier City Council can most efficiently and effectively provide for the full range of aquatics demand now and into the future.

Services: Facilities
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: , New Zealand

Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Swimming Centre Review

The City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters commissioned SGL to review of its swimming centres in order to develop a long term strategy for council.

The primary objectives of the Review were to undertake a complete assessment of the management and operation of the Councils two Swimming Centres and the current and projected costs to operate the Centres.

Services: Facilities
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: , Australia

Onslow Aquatic Feasibility Study

The purpose of this study is to prepare a feasibility study, management plan and concept design to inform the final design, capital and operational viability of the proposed Onslow Aquatic Facility.

Deliverables at the conclusion of the project are:

  • A Concept Design with General SpecificationsAn Engineering Report
  • Management Models
  • An Operational Plan and
  • A Financial Plan

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Funding
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Colin Brown
Location: Onslow, Australia