Aquatic Facilities Feasibility Study - Upper Hutt New Zealand

The feasibility study analysed Upper Hutt City community aquatic needs both presently and into the future, and how the current aquatic facilities met those needs.

Consideration was given to the potential development of aquatic facilities by other parties (schools and/or commercial) within Upper Hutt. The study provided an overview of all facilities available to the community, and engaged with the local Community groups to gather the necessary data.

Services: Evaluation, Planning, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Steve Bramley
Location: Upper Hutt, New Zealand

East Fremantle Recreation and Community Facilities Plan

Prepared for the Town of East Fremantle, it established a strategic plan to guide future investment and management of recreation and community assets. It identified existing facilities, their use and functionality and recommended strategies to meet projected future population and demographic changes in the Town.

Services: Community, Facilities, Planning, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: East Fremantle, Australia

Hamilton Leisure Facilities Management Contract

SGL were initially contracted to assist Council prepare tender documents to market test contract management of two indoor aquatic centres and an indoor sports centre.

On our advice Council extended the project to prepare an “enhanced” inhouse business model. The intent being to demonstrate how the in-house management could be more cost effective and reduce operating costs substantially.

Council resolved to retain management in-house using the recommendations from the enhanced business model.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray, Steve Bramley
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Yass Memorial Swimming Pool Review

Prepared for Yass Valley Council, the aim of the study was to review the Yass Memorial pool, prepare a feasibility study for a heated pool in the Yass Valley LGA and a strategic report to provide direction for the future management of the asset(s).

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning, Sport
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Yass, Australia

Georges River Aquatic and Leisure Strategy

The purpose of the GRC Aquatic and Leisure Strategy was to review patronage across the three aquatic facilities in the area to determine the most effective approach of providing community access to facilities, factoring in amenities offered by neighbouring Councils, including Canterbury/Bankstown, Sutherland and Bayside and taking into account industry trends. The Aquatic Strategy also explored the long term viability of facilities whilst planning for future growth.


The objectives were to:

  1. Review existing Aquatic and Leisure Centres within the catchment (including Council-owned and privately owned facilities)
  2. Review existing patronage at these Centres, industry trends and projected population growth
  3. Utilising the existing 2014 Carss Park Recreation Needs Study from the former Kogarah City Council, review the long term viability for the Council-owned Leisure Centres and provide long term recommendations for the management, use and ownership, looking at alternatives for each site.

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray, David Green
Location: Hurstville BC, Australia