Logan Entertainment Centre and Community Venues Business Improvement Review.

SGL was engaged by Logan City Council (LCC) to undertake an independent review and analysis of key components of a Business Improvement Review of the Council managed Logan Entertainment Centre (LEC) and Community Venues. Out of the review, SGL made a number of recommendations in relation to business planning for Council's Major Venues and Facilities Branch and operations of both the LEC and Community Venues. A number of the SGL recommendations were then incorporated into a Business Improvement Plan that was prepared with the aim of improving the business across a number of key focus areas.

Services: Community, Evaluation, Facilities
Consultants: David Green, Phillip Gray
Location: Logan Central, Australia

Indoor Sports Courts Community Demand Analysis City of Fremantle

The City of Fremantle (CoF) commissioned a demand analysis for proposed indoor sports courts, planned as part of the Fremantle Oval / Stan Reilly redevelopment project. The initial aim and objectives of the study were to:

1: Investigate the community need for indoor sports courts planned for the Fremantle Oval/Stan Reilly redevelopment project.

2: Identify community demand for indoor sports courts in Fremantle.

3: Identify the facility mix required i.e. storage, childcare, office, sports medicine rooms, etc.

4: Research user pay capacity of likely major user groups.

5: Present a number of management options.

Services: Sport, Facilities
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Fremantle, Australia

Hobart Aquatic Centre Redevelopment Opportunity Plan

The Hobart Aquatic Centre (THAC) was built in 1997 and has attracted 9.350M visits in its 15-year operational history. The centre has regularly attracted more than 500,000 visits a year but facilities are aging and Hobart City Council and the THAC Board commissioned SGL to develop a 20-year future redevelopment opportunity study.

Services: Facilities, Planning
Location: Queens Domain, Australia

Assessment of Beach Capacity for Water Activities at Point Leo

The study was to determine the beach capacity for water activities (with a shore base) at Point Leo. Existing and potential use was assessed over peak and non peak periods and safety, facilities available, public access and environmental impacts were taken into consideration. The objective of the project was to provide recommendations on whether a limit on licences/controls needs to be placed on water activities at Point Leo and if so what the limit/controls should be. The recommendation from the report was to form the basis for the licensing period beyond June 2012 for water activities (with a shore base) at Point Leo.

Services: Tourism, Planning
Consultants: Phillip Gray
Location: Point Leo, Australia

Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre Business and Management Plan

The Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre has undergone a major $7M redevelopment based on a 2008 SGL facility redevelopment report. This project involved reviewing and developing a new commercial governance and management model that would meet the centres required operational usage and financial returns as well as assist with repayment of loans.

Services: Facilities
Location: Moree, Australia