Armadale Golf Course Facilities Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study


Client: City of Armadale

Services: Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: Forrest Road, Forrestdale WA 6112, Australia

Completion: June 1, 2012

Partners & Stakeholders: Rider Levett Bucknall
Woodhead International


Prepared for the City of Armadale (WA), this project provided an assessment of the need for golf facilities within the City. Once the need had been established, a Feasibility Study was prepared to determine the viability of proposals to meet current and future golf facility needs of local residents.


The City of Armadale is an urban/semi rural outer Metropolitan Local Government with an estimated population in June 2011 of 64,583. Residential development is proceeding rapidly and it is expected that an additional 12,000 dwellings will be developed over the next decade. The projected total population, in four development areas plus existing areas, will be 128,513 people by 2031.

Armadale Golf Course is a 9 hole country style course located on a large reserve landholding on Forrest Road, Forrestdale. The standard and amenity of the course is basic. The course is co-located with Bush Forever Site 345 Forrestdale Lake and Adjacent Bushland, and that further clearing of the site to expand the current 9 hole course would require stringent State and Commonwealth environmental assessments.

To assess golfing needs, a series of data collection tasks were undertaken including personal interviews with Council staff, the golf course operator and representatives of golf clubs. Market research involved an assessment of competition, an analysis of the population a golfer survey, an review of golfing industry trends, a comparative assessment of similar golf courses in WA and interstate and a focus group of all stakeholders. Once a need had been established a Feasibility Study was prepared which included concept plans for a new club house and a modified layout prepared by Woodhead International and capital development cost estimates by Rider Levett Bucknall. The financial viability of the proposed redevelopment was projected using a financial model for both an upgraded golf course and a golf driving range.