Bellarine Peninsula Horse Trails Study


Client: City of Greater Geelong

Services: Planning, Tourism, Evaluation

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: PO Box 104, Geelong Victoria 3220, Australia

Completion: November 1, 2010


Prepared for the City of Greater Geelong, this project required discussions with agencies which had perspectives which were almost diametrically opposed.  We had to prepare the strategy after considering impacts of environmental, road traffic, tourist rail traffic and horse management issues.


Tasks associated with each phase are:

Phase 1: Project Clarification

Phase 2: Define Vision and Objectives
1 Review Background Information
2 Council Staff Interviews
3 Land Management Agency Interviews
4 Situation Analysis Paper
5 Visioning Workshop
6 Assessment Criteria
7 Issues and Directions Paper

Phase 3: Research
1 Community Demand
2 Existing and Potential Routes
3 Trends in Horse Trails
4 Environmental
5 Social Benefits
6 Best Practice
7 Demand Assessment Report

Phase 4A: Strategy Plan
1 Potential Routes
2 Assessment
3 Preliminary Horse Trail Strategy
4 Presentation

Phase 4B: Strategy Plan
1 Preliminary Horse Trail Report
2 Presentation
3 Draft Horse Trail Report
4 Horse Trail Report

Phase 4C: Horse Routes Assessment
1 Evaluate shared use of the Bellarine Rail Trail
2 Investigate the potential to horse routes and trails
3 Assess potential routes
4 Investigate use of existing horse riding venues
5 Review routes identified by horse riders on the Bellarine Peninsula
6 Prepare a preliminary draft Horse Routes Report
7 Present draft Horse Routes Report to the Project Working Group and Project Control Group.
8 Prepare and present final Horse Routes Report to Council.

Phase 5: Strategy Finalisation
1 Draft Horse Trail Strategy
2 Public Exhibition
3 Bellarine Peninsula Horse Trail Strategy