Numbulwar Feasibility Study and Business Plan


Client: Roper Gulf Council

Services: Planning, Facilities, Evaluation

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: Numbulwar Rd, Numbulwar NT 0822, Numbulwar Northen Territory 0822, Australia

Completion: December 19, 2016

Partners & Stakeholders: Rider Levett Bucknall
DKJ projects.architecture


The proposal from the Northern Territory Government and Roper Gulf Regional Council is to construct a business centre to include Council’s offices, a branch of the traditional credit union, postal services, Community Development Program, arts centre and office space.

A comprehensive design, feasibility study and business plan will take in to consideration redesign of existing infrastructure to include considerations for parking, pedestrian management as well as ingress/egress issues. In addition to this we require detailed cost estimate and business plan to consider if the project is feasible and model operating budget.


The Feasibility Study and Business Plan was undertaken in three phases involving a series of discrete tasks:

Phase 1: Project Clarification
Project clarification meeting

Phase 2: Demand Assessment
Key Informant Interviews
Review documents
Demographic Analysis
Site Inspection
Stakeholder Forum
Progress Report

Phase 3: Feasibility Study
Design Brief
Detailed Design Plan
Cost Plan
Feasibility Report
Council Response
Public Consultation
Final Report