Ngukurr Masterplan


Client: Roper Gulf Council

Services: Evaluation, Facilities

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: State Route 20, Ngukurr Northern Territory 0852, Australia

Completion: November 15, 2016

Partners & Stakeholders: DKJ projects.architecture
Rider Levett Bucknall


Roper Gulf Regional Council has undertaken development of a Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Master Plan. This master plan identified the Ngukurr community’s desire to build a multipurpose sports centre to cater for the growing need for sports facilities.


The Feasibility Study and Business Plan was undertaken in three phases involving a series of discrete tasks:

Phase 1: Project Clarification
Project clarification meeting

Phase 2: Demand Assessment
Key Informant Interviews
Review documents
Demographic Analysis
Site Inspection
Stakeholder Forum
Progress Report

Phase 3: Feasibility Study
Design Brief
Detailed Design Plan
Cost Plan
Feasibility Report
Council Response
Public Consultation
Final Report