Rosewater and Wingfield Sports Precinct Study


Client: The City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Services: Sport, Facilities, Evaluation

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: 163 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide South Australia 5015, Australia

Completion: December 14, 2006


The study was commissioned by The City of Port Adelaide Enfield to:

  1.  Investigate the current and future demand for playing fields and sporting reserves in the Rosewater and Ottoway areas.
  2.  Investigate the long term future development and use of Eric Sutton Reserve and Eastern Parade Reserve.
  3.  Investigate the potential shared use clubrooms to meet the needs of Rosewater Football Club and Wingfield Royals Football Club.
  4. Investigate the need for amenities buildings at Eric Sutton reserve and Eastern Parade Reserve.


The Sports Precinct Study was undertaken in a number of phases involving the following tasks:

Task 1: Meet with Council
Task 2: Review documents
Task 3: Meet with representatives Sporting Clubs
Task 4: Prepare a preliminary draft report
Task 5: Convene a meeting of relevant sporting clubs, Council officers and discuss the revised draft local area sports plan.
Task 6: Finalise the Sports plan.