Assessment of Beach Capacity for Water Activities at Point Leo


Client: Point Leo Foreshore Committee of Management

Services: Tourism, Planning

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: Point Leo Foreshore, Point Leo Victoria 3916, Australia

Completion: August 1, 2012


The study was to determine the beach capacity for water activities (with a shore base) at Point Leo. Existing and potential use was assessed over peak and non peak periods and safety, facilities available, public access and environmental impacts were taken into consideration. The objective of the project was to provide recommendations on whether a limit on licences/controls needs to be placed on water activities at Point Leo and if so what the limit/controls should be. The recommendation from the report was to form the basis for the licensing period beyond June 2012 for water activities (with a shore base) at Point Leo.


The project involved a detailed assessment of surfing at Point Leo. Data collected included: -

  • Interviews with surf school operators and aquatic based clubs at Point Leo
  • Inspection of the surf breaks
  • Analysis of car parking permits
  • Head count of beachgoers over the December and January holiday period
  • Head count of surfers via web based surf cams
  • Analysis of surf school use of Point Leo
  • Assessment of weather conditions
  • Review of regulations and legislation regarding licensing surf schools

The report made specific recommendations regarding future licenses and the terms and conditions on which they should be issued. A key outcome was to identify that potential safety issues are likely to occur on a small number of peak usage days which tend to occur during public holidays, on hot days, when high tide is between midday and 2pm and when surf conditions are good.