Young Shire Sporting Needs Study and Strategic Plan


Client: Hilltops Council

Services: Sport, Facilities, Evaluation

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: 189 Boorowa Street, Young New South Wales 2594, Australia

Completion: November 28, 2014


Young is a regional town in NSW, which wished to review its sports facilities.  Based on a detailed analysis of its existing infrastructure, a long term plan for future facilities was developed.  It primarily focused on playing fields, but also incorporated other types of facilities, such as the aquatic centre.


The Sporting Needs Study and Strategic Plan was undertaken in four phases involving the following tasks:

Phase 1: Project Clarification
Project clarification meeting
Review documents

Phase 2: Situation Analysis
Facility Audit
Key Informant Interviews
Sporting Club Survey
Demographic Analysis
Participation Trends
Gap Analysis Report
Presentation of Report

Phase 3: Idea Generation
Ideas Workshops
Analysis of Ideas and Actions
Summary of Ideas and Actions

Phase 4: Reporting
Preliminary Draft Sporting Needs Study
Project Manager Briefing
Stakeholder Consultation
Final Report and Presentation