Aquatic Facilities Feasibility Study - Upper Hutt New Zealand


Client: Upper Hutt City Council

Services: Evaluation, Planning, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray, Steve Bramley

Location: 838 – 842 Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

Completion: January 23, 2018


The feasibility study analysed Upper Hutt City community aquatic needs both presently and into the future, and how the current aquatic facilities met those needs.

Consideration was given to the potential development of aquatic facilities by other parties (schools and/or commercial) within Upper Hutt. The study provided an overview of all facilities available to the community, and engaged with the local Community groups to gather the necessary data.


The feasibility study was conducted in four phases involving a series of tasks:

Phase 1: Project Inception

Project Inception Meeting

Document Review

Phase 2: Demand Analysis

Operational Audit

Stakeholder Engagement

Population/Participation Analysis

Data Analysis

Customer Research

Competitor Analysis

Aquatic Facility Trends

Gap Analysis

Phase 3: Option Analysis

Options Paper

Options Workshop

Option Enhancement

Phase 4: Preferred Option 

Selection of Preferred Option

Preferred Development Option