University of Adelaide Sports Facility Feasibility Study


Client: The University of Adelaide

Services: Facilities, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: The university of adelaide, Adelaide South Australia 5000, Australia

Completion: January 14, 2019


The University of Adelaide was seeking to develop a range of sporting facilities on its North Terrace campus, for use by its students, staff, campus partners and broader community. Students had expressed a desire to have a swimming pool, along with gym facilities and sports courts on campus. This offering would complement the current sports fields located in the Parklands to the north of the campus.

With continued emphasis being placed on student on-campus experience, the provision of such facilities were becoming more important to the University’s value proposition to attracting students both domestically and internationally. Notwithstanding the importance of student experience, the University was also seeking to ensure that such facilities operate at cost neutral for the organisation.


The first phase of the study was Exploration and Market Analysis to recommend:

  • Optimal configuration of sports facilities (type/number of courts, etc)
  • Scale and/ or location of facilities 
  • Area/size of facilities to ensure commercial viability
  • Market analysis of current and future demand and supply in and around the CBD


The study involved a series of tasks:


Phase 1: Project Inception

Project Inception Meeting

Site Inspection


Phase 2: Exploration and Market Analysis 

Stakeholder Interviews

Document Review

Competitor Analysis

Population/Participation Analysis


Recreation and Sport Facility Trends

Best Practice Case Studies

Demand Assessment

Strategic Assessment Report