Georges River Aquatic and Leisure Strategy


Client: Georges River Council

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning

Consultants: Phillip Gray, David Green

Location: PO Box 205, Hurstville BC NSW 2220, Australia

Completion: September 4, 2017


The purpose of the GRC Aquatic and Leisure Strategy was to review patronage across the three aquatic facilities in the area to determine the most effective approach of providing community access to facilities, factoring in amenities offered by neighbouring Councils, including Canterbury/Bankstown, Sutherland and Bayside and taking into account industry trends. The Aquatic Strategy also explored the long term viability of facilities whilst planning for future growth.


The objectives were to:

  1. Review existing Aquatic and Leisure Centres within the catchment (including Council-owned and privately owned facilities)
  2. Review existing patronage at these Centres, industry trends and projected population growth
  3. Utilising the existing 2014 Carss Park Recreation Needs Study from the former Kogarah City Council, review the long term viability for the Council-owned Leisure Centres and provide long term recommendations for the management, use and ownership, looking at alternatives for each site.


The study was undertaken in three stages involving the following tasks:


Stage 1: Project Initiation

Project Inception Meeting

Document Review


Stage 2: Catchment and Market Assessment

Operational Audit

Stakeholder Engagement

Population/Participation Analysis

Data Analysis

Customer Research

Competitor Analysis

Aquatic Facility Trends


Stage 3: Reporting and Recommendations

Draft Aquatic Strategy Report

Presentation and Discussion

Final Report and Presentation