Esperance Open Space Strategy


Client: Shire of Esperance

Services: Evaluation, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: 77 Windich Street, Esperance WA 6450, Australia

Completion: October 17, 2004


The aim of this project was to review of all Public Open Space and provide information to guide future strategic direction where a need is identified for both existing Public Open Space and any Future Public Open Space. The review addressed active sports grounds, passive reserves, CBD reserves, natural areas (Under Shire of Esperance control) satellite towns and coastal locations. The report was prepared after substantial engagement with Council, Council officers and the Esperance community.


The Review was conducted in three phases, including the following tasks:


Phase 1: Inception Meeting and Community Profiling

1         Project Clarification

2         Review documents

3         Participation Rate Review

4         Demographic Analysis

5         Community Profile

6         Presentation

Phase 2: Gap Analysis

1         Inventory of Open Space

2         Stakeholder Interviews

3         Household Survey

4         Focus Groups

5         Open Space Model

6         Summary Report

7         Presentation

Phase 3: Open Space Strategy

1         Preliminary Draft Open Space Strategy

2         Council Briefing

3         Draft Plan

4         Public Consultation

5         Final Report and Presentation