Tompkins Park Master Plan


Client: City of Melville

Services: Facilities, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: City of Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, BOORAGOON WA 6154, Australia

Completion: January 19, 2015


The City of Melville commissioned SGL to prepare a master plan for a major, high profile sporting facility.  The project entailed substantial discussions and negotiation with multiple sports, including rugby union, cricket, touch, soccer and bowls. The outcome was a master plan which included the reconfiguration of the playing fields and relocation of a bowling club and bridge club to a redeveloped and expanded hub building.  The assignment included the preparation of a management model which extended the previous management structure to include additional parties (ie bowls, soccer and bridge).


The methodology for preparing the Concept Plan involves two stages.  Specific phases and tasks within each stage are:



Phase 1: Project Clarification

1         Project Clarification

2         Review documents

3         Operational Review

4         Site Inspection

5         Demographic Analysis

6         Assessment of Open Space

Phase 2: Consultation

1         Council Interviews

2         User Group Interviews

3         Interviews with Other Stakeholders

4         Resident Forum

5         User Group Forum

6         Public Submissions

Phase 3: Concept Plan

1         Needs Analysis

2         Brain Storm Session

3         Design Brief

4         Design Concept Options

5         Public Consultation

Phase 4: Final Concept Plan and Report

1         Concept Plan and Report

2         Final Report


1         Relocation Strategy

2         Management Model

3         Presentation

4         Final Report