Hamilton Leisure Facilities Management Contract


Client: Hamilton City Council

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning

Consultants: Phillip Gray, Steve Bramley

Location: Hamilton City Council, Garden Place, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand

Completion: November 5, 2017


SGL were initially contracted to assist Council prepare tender documents to market test contract management of two indoor aquatic centres and an indoor sports centre.

On our advice Council extended the project to prepare an “enhanced” inhouse business model. The intent being to demonstrate how the in-house management could be more cost effective and reduce operating costs substantially.

Council resolved to retain management in-house using the recommendations from the enhanced business model.


Phase 1: Inception and Operational Audit

1          Project Inception

2          Operational Audit

Phase 2: Market Analysis

1          Stakeholder Engagement

2          Competitor Analysis

3          Community Engagement

Phase 3: In-house Model Report

1          SWOT Analysis

2          Staff Workshop

3          Draft In – house Model

4          Presentation

5          Final Report