Yass Memorial Swimming Pool Review


Client: Yass Valley Council

Services: Evaluation, Facilities, Planning, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: 209 Comur Street, Yass NSW 2582, Australia

Completion: September 30, 2017

Partners & Stakeholders: DKJ projects.architecture
Rider Levett Bucknall
Geoff Ninnes Fong & Partners


Prepared for Yass Valley Council, the aim of the study was to review the Yass Memorial pool, prepare a feasibility study for a heated pool in the Yass Valley LGA and a strategic report to provide direction for the future management of the asset(s).


The study was undertaken in four phases involving the following tasks:


Phase 1: Project Inception

  1. Project Inception Meeting
  2. Community Committee Meeting #1

Phase 2: Operational Review

  1. Document Review
  2. Operational Audit
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Review Filtration Plant and Dosing Equipment
  5. Population/Participation Analysis
  6. Business Plan

Phase 3: Indoor Pool Feasibility Study

  1. Community Committee Meeting #2
  2. E survey
  3. Stakeholder Interviews
  4. Written Design Brief
  5. Operating Cost
  6. Draft Feasibility Report
  7. Community Committee Meeting #3
  8. Feasibility Report

Phase 4: Strategic Report 

  1. Draft Strategic Report
  2. Final Report