Price Memorial and Manson Reserve Master Plans


Client: City of Mitcham

Services: Evaluation, Facilities

Consultants: Phillip Gray

Location: 131 Belair Road, Mitcham South Australia 5062, Australia

Completion: March 14, 2014


These two master plans were prepared for Mitcham City Council.  Both are multipurpose outdoor sports facilities, including ovals, tennis courts, bowling club and passive recreation areas.  The Master Plans outline how the two existing reserves can be upgraded to meet current and future community demands.


The master plan was undertaken in four phases, including the following tasks:

Phase 1: Project Clarification

1      Project clarification meeting

2      Review documents

Phase 2: Situation Analysis

1      Operational Review

2      Site Inspection

3      Key Informant Interviews

4      Demographic Analysis

5      Participation Trends

6      Assessment of Open Space

7      Resident Forum

8      User Group Forum

9      Public Submissions

Phase 3: Master Plan 

1      Needs Analysis

2      Brain Storm Session

3      Design Brief

4      Design Master Plan Options

5      Public Consultation

Phase 4: Final Concept Plan and Report

1      Master Plan and Report

2      Final Report