Guidelines for Sustainable Management of Community Recreation Facilities


Client: City of Marion

Services: Community, Evaluation, Facilities, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray, Nathan Gray

Location: City of Marion, 245 Sturt Road, Sturt SA 5047, Australia

Completion: November 30, 2013


In 2009 the Local Government Recreation Forum developed an ‘Issues and Directions Paper for Local and Regional Sport and Recreation Facilities’ titled ‘A Time For Fundamental Change’. The Issues and Directions paper highlighted a range of issues facing Local Government.

As a direct result of the Issues and Directions paper, the Local Government Recreation & Sport Facilities Sustainability Group was convened to strengthen the financial sustainability of local government owned local and regional level sport and recreation facilities. The Group commissioned SGL to investigate specific opportunities, methods, guidelines that will assist Local Government to sustainably manage local and regional recreation and sport facilities.


The aim of the Guidelines is to create a more financially sustainable environment in the provision and management of sport and recreation facilities. To achieve this the Guidelines address:

  • Selecting the best fit management model
  • Funding arrangements for capital and operational costs
  • Strategies for improving sustainability

Ten case studies from around Australia are detailed and three Fact Sheets have been prepared.

The final version of the “Guidelines for the Sustainable Management of Community Recreation Facilities” and the Fact Sheets have been published on the LGA website and can be accessed via the link below:

 Guidelines for the Sustainable Management of Community Recreation Facilities