Horsham Sport and Recreation Strategy 2012-2017


Client: Horsham Rural City Council

Services: Tourism, Community, Evaluation, Facilities, Planning, Sport

Consultants: Phillip Gray, Nathan Gray

Location: Horsham Rural City Council, 18, Roberts Avenue, Horsham Vic 3400, Australia

Completion: June 30, 2013


Horsham is a city, centrally located in the Wimmera, next to the Grampians National Park and the famous Mount Arapiles. Horsham rests 300 kilometres north-west of Melbourne and 450 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. With a population of over 20,000 people, the municipality is the retail, business and service centre of the Wimmera.

Horsham Rural City Council (HRCC) engaged SGL to prepare a Sport and Recreation Strategy that would guide the HRCC Sport and Recreation Advisory committee as well as the Council for the next five years.


The study was to identify and evaluate existing sports and recreation needs and the delivery of these services including recommendations that would produce effective and efficient models of future service delivery.

A key outcome was to develop a Sport and Recreation Strategy that identified the needs and service gaps in sport and recreation provision in the Horsham municipality.

The Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan included:

  • A prioritised list of sport and recreation projects and an estimated costing of these projects.
  • An assessment of the appropriateness of and level of service provided by existing physical infrastructure.
  • Evaluation of Horsham Rural City Council’s regional sports and recreation role within the wider Wimmera Region, outlining opportunities for service development. This included the identifications of sports where a higher level of facility is required to cater for regional needs.
  • Providing strategies for the most effective methods of delivering sports and recreation services that support community recreation, encourage innovation and stimulate increased participation.
  • Providing sustainable strategies for the asset management of sports and recreation facilities and program development.