“Fundraising is not an event; it is a process.” Edgar D. Powell

SGL has a great track record of fundraising for major projects. We can help you source capital funding for community leisure and lifestyle facilities. 

In New Zealand we offer:

Capital Funding Feasibility, which provides an assessment of funding opportunities, develops funding strategies and recommends a detailed Capital Funding Plan.

SGL will work closely with our clients and implement a Capital Fundraising Campaign.

SGL will provide assistance with organisational funding and support for the establishment and on-going operation of Community Foundations.

In Australia we offer:

Assistance in obtaining State and Commonwealth grants and subsidies.  Our knowledge of grants programs ensure your funding applications have a high chance of success.

Capital Funding Feasibilities

A Capital Funding Feasibility includes an assessment, from a capital funding perspective, of the overall and individual project descriptions and support; people leadership and management; donor sources and gift support; and in turn recommends and develops the capital funding strategy for the overall and individual projects.

Using fundraising terminology, this Feasibility Study will assess the case, constituency and institutional readiness of the project, test the achievability of the capital funding target, and in turn prepare a detailed Capital Funding Plan.

Capital Funding Strategies and Implementation

SGL in association with the client, implementation of the  - SGL will lead, implement and fully support all aspects of a Capital Fundraising Campaign and fundraising process.

Our specialist service includes working with City and District Councils to develop an integrated and planned approach to the funding of all major community facilities.

Grant Applications

SGL has an excellent track record of preparing successful grant applications for projects.

Organisational Funding Support

SGL can provide funding advice and support for organisational funding, including bequest and endowment funding. 

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